Did you celebrate Pi Day on the weekend? We did!

There was stiff competition in the Future-Proof Solutions team this year, with apple, rhubarb, and many other home-made creations – while some of us left it to the experts and popped to our local bakeries to mark the occasion.

Bringing together two of our favourite things – mathematics and food – Pi Day is celebrated on 14 March (3.14) each year. It recognises the unique mathematical constant, which is vital in so many applications – trenchless engineering included. Pi has now been calculated to more than 50 trillion digits beyond its decimal point.

Like many in the pipelines industry, we use pi every day – mostly when completing calculations for our trenchless engineering products, such as HDD profiles and alignments, and installation calculations. So we’re only too happy to celebrate this special number – and eat pie – every year.

To find out more, check out piday.org.

For some more information on pi and its history, click here.

Pi Day pies

The Future-Proof Solutions Team getting into the spirit this March 14.