Kempsey, NSW

Coffs Coast Under Road Boring

Rig Size:

Pipe Specs:
250mm HDPE

Max Length:


Max Depth:

Alluvials & Rock

HDD Crossing:


Pipe Application:
Sewer Rising Main

As part of the South Kempsey Pressure Sewerage Scheme, a new sewer pipeline crossing was required under the M1 motorway at Kempsey, NSW. With thousands of motorists utilising the motorway daily, a trenchless option was vital to maintain traffic flow and avoid an inconvenient detour or significant delays.

After initial investigations, horizontal directional drilling was selected as the construction method to complete the motorway crossing. Future-Proof Solutions’ trenchless engineering team was engaged to design the crossing, which incorporated a 250mm casing pipe and 110mm carrier pipe over a length of 210m.

Applying strict specifications for trenchless crossings and installations under road corridors, as well as HDD best practice and practical constructability, FPS delivered a range of trenchless engineering products. These included HDD design, installation and integrity calculation, hydrofracture analysis and drilling fluid plan. Working closely with our client, we completed extensive preparatory work and analysis of local data in preparing the for-construction trenchless designs, to facilitate a successful installation.

The crossing was completed by specialist contractor Coffs Coast Under Road Boring, with successful installation of the pipe achieved in early 2021.