Sunshine Coast, QLD

Pipeline Drillers Group

Rig Size:

Pipe Specs:
450mm HDPE

Max Length:

Max Depth:

Alluvials & Rock

HDD Crossing:
Road & Infrastructure 

Pipe Application:
Sewer Rising Main

Urgent replacement of a major sewer rising main pipeline was required in Maroochydore, Queensland, in March 2021. The pipeline, which was approaching the end of its asset life cycle, was located under the well-utilised Maroochydore Multisports Complex and Fishermans Road, necessitating a trenchless installation.

Horizontal directional drilling was chosen as the optimum method to install the 545m, 450mm diameter HDPE pipeline. Future-Proof Solutions assisted with the project by providing a range of trenchless engineering products, including HDD design, installation and integrity calculation, hydrofracture analysis, HDD anchor design, drilling fluid plan, and site layouts.

Our design engineers provided ongoing support to the drilling contractor, Pipeline Drillers Group, to minimise disruptions during the installation process, and we also took the opportunity to deploy our Brisbane team personnel to gather data for our research and development programme. The pipeline was successfully installed under the busy road corridor and sporting complex on time, with minimal impact on the project locale and very little interruption to the community.

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