Baroondah, QLD

Pipeline Drillers Group

Rig Size:

Pipe Specs:
8 x 400 & 315mm HDPE

Max Length:

Max Depth:

Alluvials, Rock

HDD Crossing:
River, Environmental

Pipe Application:
Gas, Water, Electrical

Future-Proof Solutions provided extensive engineering and on-site assistance for the installation of eight HDD pipelines in the Maranoa region. This project included two maxi HDD spreads to install a variety of HDPE pipelines on two sites – one crossing the Dawson River, and another under dense and steep bushland.

FPS provided a detailed design suite for the crossings, including profiles and alignment, installation calculations, hydrofracture analysis, anchor and pullhead drawings and calculations, and drilling fluid plans. Additionally, FPS supplied full-time onsite personnel to assist with drilling fluid testing, river water laboratory analysis, project administration, and engineering support.

Despite wild weather, difficult terrain, and logistical challenges, contractor Pipeline Drillers Group completed the successful installations in January 2022.

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