Caboolture, QLD

KBR, for Unitywater

Rig Size:

Pipe Specs:
450-710mm HDPE & RC

Max Length:

Max Depth:

Alluvials, Rock

Type (HDD & OTM):
Road, River, Environmental

Pipe Application:
Recycled Water

Future-Proof Solutions was engaged in two critical technical and quality management roles on the Wamuran Irrigation Scheme (WIS). This large-scale water security project is intended to divert recycled water from the Caboolture South Sewage Treatment Plant to a range of farms in the Wamuran region.

FPS served dual roles as Technical Advisor and Inspector under KBR’s superintendency of the trenchless works, which included eight horizontal directional drilling (HDD) bores as well as three other trenchless (OTM) crossings via auger bore. As Technical Advisor, FPS completed extensive design review duties, reviewing the planned trenchless works for technical quality and feasibility, as well as ensuring quality of design documentation and planned construction risk management. Once the trenchless contractors mobilised, our Inspectors attended site to conduct monitoring and oversight of the works, evaluating compliance with the planned works, construction risk controls, and quality delivery of the works in line with the applicable specification.

FPS’ combination of practical engineering capability and on-site operational expertise was critical to ensuring quality delivery of trenchless site superintendency on the WIS project. With the ability to apply technical knowledge effectively to real-world trenchless projects, FPS focused on effective consultation with project stakeholders and practical action to identify and triage potential project issues as early as possible. This method, developed over years of project experience, was designed to assist all stakeholders to “clear the path” for successful, quality delivery of works, long-term positive relationships, and in achievement of overall project success.

Installation is currently underway via principal contractor Pensar and HDD contractor Pipeline Drillers Group.