Chinderah, NSW

Pipeline Drillers Group; SEQ Trenchless

Rig Size:
Maxi and Midi

Pipe Specs:
11 x 560mm plant and main lines; 2 x 500mm main line outfalls – PE112 with customised SDRs

Max Length:
Plant pipeline 320m; main line up to 1132m 

Max Depth:


HDD Crossing:

Pipe Application:

Sustainable, low-impact construction was a significant guiding principle in this recent HDD project installing a pipeline between the northern NSW coast and Australian Bay Lobster Producers. The connection, delivered predominantly via HDD, was conceived to provide Australian Bay Lobster Producers with a clean, fresh, and reliable source of seawater for its world-first, sustainable land-based aquaculture facility.

The 7.7km offsite main pipeline was completed by Pipeline Drillers Group via 12 separate HDDs, including two large-scale ocean outfalls. The final connection – the onsite plant pipeline – was completed by SEQ Trenchless via their new Tracto-Technik Grundodrill 28N midi rig.

Future-Proof Solutions was pleased to assist on both the main pipeline line and plant pipeline phases of the project, providing various design and engineering products, such as profile and alignment drawings, hydrofracture analysis, drill plan, and installation and integrity calculations.

Contending with tricky ground conditions and substantial predicted installation forces, the final plant pipeline connection was delivered successfully in January 2023. At time of writing, ABLP is preparing for final completion and commissioning of the overall pipeline, with a view to significantly scaling up their production as early as mid-2023.