The FPS team was enthusiastic for the return of Pi Day, celebrated March 14th (3/14), and took the time to celebrate in our customary way this year. As is tradition, for Pi Day 2023 the team baked and enjoyed an assortment of pies, in a delicious mash-up of maths and meals.

There was stiff competition in the home baked category, with creations including classic apple, chunky beef, chicken and mushroom, and apple and strawberry. Those opting for store bought also sparked robust debate, with our team comparing the superiority of our favourite local pie shops, as well as the best flavours on the menu.

In between bites, the team was also encouraged to recognise the critical role that pi (π) plays in Future-Proof Solutions’ calculations and designs. Pi may seem like a small thing, but as a trenchless design and engineering company, it contributes in a fundamental way to what FPS does. The team was only too happy to recognise and appreciate the role it plays in our work.

Check out some of our Pi Day 2023 efforts!

FPS Celebrating Pi Day

The FPS team celebrates Pi Day 2023