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  • HDD Design

    HDD River Crossings – World Rivers Day

    Australia’s unique river systems play a huge part in our daily lives. Vit [...]

  • HDD Design

    Good News in HDD – Isle of Capri

    Good news in HDD: Innovation and collaboration combining to a positive outcome on the challenging Isle of Capri HDD river crossing.

  • HDD Design

    HDD and Saving Trees

    At Future-Proof Solutions, we love saving trees through responsible trenchless design. We also love planting them, especially on National Tree Day!

  • HDD Design

    Best of Both Worlds: Gyro for ParaTrack

    The ability to complete accurate survey and tracking is central to HDD projects, but it has always been necessary to choose between magnetic, gyro, and other tools. That is, until now.

  • HDD Design

    HDD and NBN: Connecting Island Communities

    Telecommunications and internet connectivity to island communities has long been one of the only drawbacks of this relaxed lifestyle. But with HDD and NBN working together, these communities are enjoying better connectivity than ever.

  • HDD Design

    Trenchless Design Range – Product Addition

    We’re expanding our trenchless design range with release of our HDD Anchor product.

  • HDD Design

    HDD In the News – NBN Redland Bay Islands

    Check out the recent writeup of this project in leading trenchless technology publication, Trenchless Australasia.

  • HDD Design

    HDD: Fresh Air for Wind Projects

    To demonstrate best practice in managing environmental impacts, infrastructure projects, such as wind farms, should consider a life cycle perspective, including for installation. As such, the growing renewables sector presents significant opportunities for the trenchless pipeline industry.

  • HDD Design

    Protecting Ocean Shores with HDD Outfalls and Shore Approaches

    Ocean shores are some of our most important natural environments. Here we look at how trenchless technology helps to preserve these vital ecosystems, as well as how the trenchless industry supports innovation and environmental performance in coastal infrastructure installation.

  • HDD Design

    Trenchless Design Range – Product Addition!

    Our trenchless design range is expanding with the official release of our new product: the Execution Summary.